Dr. Lee Merritt: Putin a great magician, Russia-Ukraine conflict is DNA war against humanity

When Dr. Lee Merritt tackled Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the March 2 edition of the “Merritt Medical Hour” on Brighteon.TV, two things she uttered stood out: Russian President Vladimir Putin is a great magician and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict can be tagged as DNA war against humanity.

Merritt, an orthopedic surgeon, said she considered Putin a great magician just because with a stroke of his mystical wand, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is suddenly gone.

The COVID pandemic – the two-year headliner the world over – got buried by the avalanche of information pertaining to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, its fellow former Soviet Union republic and bordering nation. This is despite the recent spike of COVID cases in Russia.

The Russia-Ukraine collision, which started February 24, is largely considered to be a battle of attrition – not only between the two nations, but also the global population and the use of bioweapons.

“Because ultimately, we’re using pathogens like hantavirus and other things,” said Merritt. “But what this is really about, we’ve been caught going over to Russia and China and getting DNA from their citizens. The Chinese were caught doing it to us. Everybody’s been filtering it from everybody.”

DNA can be attacked with multiple targets

“People’s DNA is special. It’s not just special to us, obviously. But it’s special to our enemies. There’s something about it that we can use. And what we’re finding out is that DNA has signatures like fingerprints, DNA can be attacked with multiple targets. Now we’ve learned they can be attacked, our DNA can be attacked with the so-called vaccines that are actually viral-based genetic therapies,” Merritt explained.

“They do get into our DNA. This has been recently shown at [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] MIT. Another big study just came out and showed that it was clearly getting to the DNA. Most of us thought that was true to begin with, but we couldn’t really prove it. But it’s all coming out now.”

Merritt then expounded on Putin’s reasons for disturbing the peace. First, he wants to prevent the further decay of Ukraine; second, the elimination of the U.S. biolabs in Ukraine; and third, the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of Ukraine.

While Putin is generally regarded as the universal villain in the escalation of tension in Eastern Europe, Merritt thinks he “has a point on all fronts.”

Ukraine is on an economic decline, mainly because of money laundering and its wealth being siphoned off to Western parties, including the United States.

Russia’s demand for the shutdown of the biolabs allegedly funded by the U.S. in the fringes of Ukraine went unheeded as the U.S. denies their existence. Russia’s Ministry of Defense, however, claimed there were lots of evidence to prove the existence of such labs. In fact, Russia said the Ukraine’s Ministry of Health ordered the urgent destruction of deadly pathogens like plague, anthrax, cholera, tularemia and other lethal diseases infecting agents on Feb. 24.

As to the neo-Nazi allegation, it’s common knowledge that a pro-Nazi regiment, known as the Azov battalion, allegedly founded by white supremacists, has joined the Ukraine forces in trying to repel the Russian invaders. (Related: Matrixxx Grooove: Putin, Russia want denazification, demilitarization of Ukraine.)

Granting all of these were true, however, Merritt feels they won’t be enough to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Regardless of his intentions, Putin will remain the villain.

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