Fauci’s policies are KILLING 10,000 children a month, plunging tens of millions of people into abject poverty and starvation all around the world

Do black lives matter to Tony Fauci? Not in the slightest. His Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) policies are killing tens of thousands of black children per month, it turns out.

Fauci does not care about white lives either, just to be clear. But the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which focuses primarily on non-white lives, released data recently showing that 10,000 black children per month are dying, and another 550,000 are experiencing “wasting,” all due to restrictions imposed for the Fauci Flu.

Widespread malnutrition and starvation have become commonplace due to the lockdowns and supply chain disruptions, which are making it increasingly more difficult to deliver enough food from farm to table.

“Without urgent action, the global number of children suffering from wasting could reach almost 54 million over the course of the year,” UNICEF announced in a press release. “This would bring global wasting to levels not seen this millennium.”

All of Fauci’s alleged efforts to keep people “safe” and “protected” against the threat of the Chinese Germs he created in the first place threaten to destroy an entire generation of black children, who are becoming physically and mentally impaired – if they survive at all – due to covid-caused food shortages.

Rural black children in the sub-Sahara are faring the worst, as are their parents who are unable to get many, or in some cases any, crops to market due to lockdowns and business closures.

“It’s been seven months since the first COVID-19 cases were reported and it is increasingly clear that the repercussions of the pandemic are causing more harm to children than the disease itself,” says UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore.

“Household poverty and food insecurity rates have increased.”

How many children are dead because of Fauci?

In Burkina Faso, which already struggled with food insecurity prior to the plandemic, a whopping one in five children are now chronically malnourished due to Fauci’s policies. Further, 12 million of the country’s 20 million citizens are unable to get enough food, again thanks to Fauci’s policies.

“Without timely action, the global prevalence of child wasting could rise by a shocking 14.3% due to #COVID19, translating to an additional estimated 6.7 million children with wasting in 2020,” tweeted The Lancet, a fake medical journal that failed to mention Fauci’s role in all this.

According to Fore, essential services and supply chains have been left completely decimated, and food prices are soaring. The same is fast becoming the case here in the United States as well, where Fauci’s restrictions have left the economy teetering on the brink.

“As a result,” Fore says, “the quality of children’s diets has gone down and malnutrition rates will go up.”

Sadly, child wasting due to Fauci is just the “tip of the iceberg,” according to the UN. Stunting and obesity, both of which are also caused by poor diet, are quickly becoming a pandemic all on their own.

Over the next year, an additional 128,605 children under the age of five are expected to die due to Fauci – that is, unless the nations of the world stop following his wicked ways.

“The food security effects of the COVID crisis are going to reflect many years from now,” warns Dr. Francesco Branca, head of nutrition at the World Health Organization (WHO). “There is going to be a societal effect.”

The UN’s solution is not necessarily to abandon the ways of Fauci, but rather to get member nations to contribute another $2.4 billion worth of “aid” to supposedly help support the worst-affected regions through the end of the year.

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