Owen Shroyer warns the public that enemies are seeking global domination with COVID as cover

“The War Room” host Owen Shroyer warns the public that the people behind the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are exploiting the disease as they eye global domination.

“It looks like the new world order is going for a global government, a complete shift away and COVID has been the excuse for it – or cover,” Shroyer says during the “Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams” on Brighteon.TV.

A former athlete and sports media personality, Shroyer urges people to fight back by getting healthy.

“The best thing you can do, whether there’s COVID or anything, is to be healthy. We don’t hear that promoted. We don’t hear health promoted by [Anthony] Fauci or anybody,” Shroyer says. “That means exercise. Get 30 minutes of exercise a day – that’s really all it takes. Try to eat as healthy as you can.”

The Health Ranger himself agrees.

“I’ve been exposed to COVID and totally immune to it now. Isn’t it true that the globalists’ weapons are failing because of nutrition, because we’re fighting back? I mean, they probably wished they could have taken you and me both a lot sooner,” Adams tells Shroyer.

Nearly all COVID-19 deaths happen at hospitals

Unfortunately, there have been so many casualties already before the people began to realize what’s happening.

“People are told not to use the things that work. Where do 99 percent the COVID deaths happen? In a hospital,” Shroyer says. (Related: Florida hospital caught trying to MURDER covid patient to boost death numbers.)

“I was explained why this is [the case]. Remdesivir, which is the treatment they recommend in hospitals, basically flushes the fluids out of your kidneys and into your lungs. Then, you have the fluids in your lungs, you’ll have a hard time breathing, they’ll say, ‘Oh you have pneumonia, oh you’re low on oxygen,’ then they’ll put you on a ventilator, which for 90 percent of people, is going to result in death.”

And even if you get off the ventilator, Shroyer notes, your lungs are probably never going to work the same again anyway. “You’re going to have a horrible health defect because of that when most likely even if you’ve got COVID and were really sick, you’re going to recover and live a normal life after that.”

The enemies are blocking the things that actually work. Shroyer mentions ivermectin as a primary example of a drug that could make a huge difference in COVID patients being treated at the hospital. He emphasizes the fact that ivermectin is included in the list of drugs approved by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to treat COVID-19.

A chart from the NIH website shows ivermectin as one of the three drugs for the disease in a chart titled, “Characteristics of Antiviral Agents that are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19.” The other drugs in the chart are remdesivir and nitazoxanide.

Dr. Bryan Ardis explains why remdesivir treatment is preferred by hospitals

For some reason, hospitals are not eager to use ivermectin on COVID-19 patients.

“The medical procedure when you get in to hospitals is remdesivir first, that’s what fills the lungs, and then ventilator, which blows the lungs out. That’s the actual procedure that is coming from the top down for treatment of COVID in hospitals and it is killing people,” Shroyer says.

Dr. Bryan Ardis helps explain why during his program “The Dr. Ardis Show” also on Brighteon.TV.

Ardis shares a document titled, “New COVID-19 Treatments Add-On Payment (NCTAP)” from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website.

Through the NCTAP, the Medicare program provides an enhanced payment for eligible inpatient cases that use certain new products with current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval or emergency use authorization to treat COVID-19. The only drug that falls under that category is remdesivir.

That enhanced payment refers to a 20 percent bonus payout given to hospitals for all COVID-19 patients they select to treat with remdesivir over any other drug.

“They are actually bribing the hospitals and the doctors to select remdesivir,” says Ardis, noting that the CMS is currently paying out $2,400 for a five-day treatment of remdesivir. Meaning, hospitals are getting $480 extra for every patient they put under the remdesivir protocol.

For the sake of comparison, ivermectin is less than $2 per tablet.

Ivermectin proven more effective than remdesivir

Ardis also notes that remdesivir is simply not as effective as ivermectin in treating COVID-19 patients. “Ivermectin is proven safe and effective. It has never killed anybody or caused acute renal failure. This is a very much approved drug.”

On June 1, the Desert Review reported that ivermectin significantly reduced the COVID-19 infections in Delhi, India, which has a population of over 30 million.

Delhi health authorities began treating patients with ivermectin on April 20. At the time, it was dealing with nearly 30,000 new cases daily. By the end of May, COVID-19 cases in the metropolitan area plummeted to less than 1,000 new cases per day.

On the other hand, many patients who received remdesivir have developed multiple organ failure and/or acute kidney failure. Those severe adverse effects are listed in the NIH chart.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is no evidence that the drug improves survival and other outcomes in patients.

The recommendation is part of a living guideline on clinical care for COVID-19. It has been developed by an international guideline development group, which includes 28 clinical care experts, four patient-partners and one ethicist.

Still, hospitals are putting COVID-19 patients under the remdesivir protocol. It is becoming increasingly obvious that something is going on. (Related: Hospitals are deliberately MURDERING patients by denying them access to ivermectin.)

“The time of hesitancy is over. We are in an urgent situation now where if we don’t push back against the medical tyranny and we don’t push back against the communist agenda taking over America, there is not going to be a fight anymore – it’s going to be over if the communists win and there’s medical tyranny,” Shroyer says.

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