Biden regime discusses setting up highway checkpoints to mandate vaccines for interstate travel across the United States

Fake “president” Joe Biden wants only people who have been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) with one of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections to be allowed to travel across state lines in the United States.

Since too many Americans are still refusing to roll up their sleeves and get jabbed, Pedo Joe wants to make life prohibitively difficult for them in the hopes that they will comply with taking the experimental gene therapy shots, which are spreading the “Delta” variant like wildfire.

In the past several weeks, Hunter’s dad has forced millions of federal workers to permanently alter their DNA in order to remain employed – all to “save lives,” of course. He has also met with business leaders in the private sector to push them to do the same.

Many are resisting, though, which is really upsetting the Biden regime. Since the incentives are not working as planned, the next attempt will be to tyrannize the “unvaccinated” so they will be more likely to comply out of coercion.

Dementia Joe is also aggressively pushing face masks, particularly on young schoolchildren who all across the country, mostly in “blue” areas, are being told they must restrict their breathing for eight hours a day in order to “flatten the curve.”

“To the mayors, school superintendents, educators, local leaders who are standing up to the governors politicizing mask protection for our kids: thank you,” Biden stumbled through a speech that was prepared for him in large font so he could read it.

“Thank God that we have heroes like you, and I stand with you all, and America should as well.”

Hunter’s dad pushing private sector to implement “vaccine passports”

As for vaccine mandates for adults, China Joe is said to be waiting for just the right moment to pull “the right lever at the right time,” to quote Ben Wakana, the deputy director of strategic communications and engagement for the White House Covid-19 response unit.

“The result is a precarious balancing act as Biden works to make life more uncomfortable for the unvaccinated without spurring a backlash in a deeply polarized country that would only undermine his public health goals,” reports ABC News.

The Kaiser Family Foundation claims that 51 percent of America would support the federal government mandating Chinese Virus injections on employees, both in the public and private sector. Biden, meanwhile, is considering trying to mandate the injections as a condition of interstate travel.

Such a plan is supposedly “not under consideration at the moment,” however it could be at some point in the future. Beijing Biden is also pushing the private sector to come up with a “vaccine passport” system for which his regime has promised to “share frameworks for verification systems.”

“He’s really going to have to use all the leverage the federal government has, and indeed use pressure points,” says Georgetown University professor of health law Lawrence Gostin about Biden’s approach to the plandemic moving forward.

“And I think there are a few that he can do but he hasn’t done yet,” Gostin added, suggesting that vaccines “are the only thing we have now to defeat the virus.”

“We need to use that tool and we need to use it vigorously,” he maintains. “And I think there will be large public support for that.”

It is important to reiterate that were the vaccines not being widely administered, we would not even have a circulating “Delta” variant, which is a direct consequence of the injections.

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