Vaccine passport now MANDATORY in France, following more than a year of corporate media propagandists claiming the idea was a “conspiracy theory”

French president Emmanuel Macron just suspended the rule of law and declared an all-out war against human rights, making the vaccine passport MANDATORY in France. Starting on July 21st, the EU Digital Covid certificate will be required to gain entry into all cultural venues, cinemas, theaters and concert halls. On August 1st, the digital vaccine passport will become mandatory for all cafes, shops, restaurants, trains and planes. The people must rise.

This assault on human freedom and human dignity is part of a diabolical plan to force subservience to false gods and false authority, coercing submission to digital surveillance, bodily requirements, medical experimentation and a future of population control and permission-seeking from an all-powerful world government. Anyone who doesn’t submit to harmful spike protein injections now will be punished with perpetual segregation and discrimination. This is about absolute control over your mind, your behavior, your future and your children’s future. Those who rise for justice and human freedom now will be christened to a future of dignity and honor.

Vaccine Passports are a conspiracy REALITY and must be annihilated at all costs

Macron is threatening the careers and livelihoods of all doctors, nurses and caregivers, by requiring them to show proof of vaccination in order to keep their jobs. Anyone who can be marked as “vulnerable” are also required to get the jabs. Human consent and personal choice have been completely stripped as France falls to forced medical experimentation, national medical tyranny and enslavement. The people of France have already begun to rise up.

The erosion of informed consent from medical ethics is now completely wasted away, as the vaccine passport removes all remaining reason, human consent and individual rights. Mockingly, the corporate media propagandists have spent the past year claiming the vaccine passport was a “conspiracy theory.” Well, it’s July of 2021 and France is currently shredding the Nuremberg code and claiming absolute control over the minds and the bodies of every single person within the border and anyone who crosses through.

The “health pass” was first rolled out on July 1, requiring individuals to provide a QR code showing they have submitted to fraudulent, DNA-harvesting covid tests or the experimental vaccines. The digital surveillance system was first rolled out at the Cannes Film Festival, where over 5,000 individuals were lined up and forced to provide proof of their vaccination status. People from around the world were also forced to take fraudulent covid tests upon entry and every 48 hours as a precondition to their liberty.

The digital permission was required for everyone who entered the Palais, but many people migrated to smaller venues and film screenings that weren’t regulated like prison camps. Losing control over the people, Macron decided to put the digital vaccine controls in place for all venues, great and small.

There’s nothing dignified or scientific about the vaccine passport, either

As the French dictatorship implements mandatory vaccine passports, they will not recognize the millions of people who got the infections and gained lasting immunity naturally. The infection is endemic (inevitable) but it is up to five times less deadly than advertised. According to NIH studies, for each infected person reported up until mid-July 2020, another 4.8 Americans went undiagnosed, many with either mild or no symptoms. The vaccine passport does not recognize the scientific basis of immunity for these people and does not recognize the individual’s right to obtain immunity through natural exposure and recovery.

There’s nothing legal, ethical, dignified or scientific about the vaccine passport. According to these all-knowing “health masters” immunity only comes through experimental spike protein injections. According to these demons, freedom is only allowed when individual cooperate with the government and get the shots, on time every year. This new dictatorship will also not recognize any science on viable antiviral treatments nor will they allow people to make their own decisions day-to-day and trust their own immune systems. All decision on health, human movement and human gathering are now dictated by the vaccine passport system, which monitors everyone’s life and segregates the unvaccinated from society. This will only work if we go along with it.

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