Democrats plan to monitor your PRIVATE phone messages and “correct” vaccine “misinformation” sent to family and friends

Each day, we seem to reach a horrifying new low in the Orwellian nightmare now gripping modern society. In the latest insanity involving covid and Big Brother, reports that the Democratic National Committee plans to “engage fact-checkers” and “work with SMS carriers” (cell phone text messaging) to “dispel misinformation about vaccines” that people send to each other in private texts.

It would be horrifying enough if the federal government were announcing such a diabolical plan, but for an authoritarian, power-crazed political party to demand this power to read and modify all your cell phone texts in real time is straight-up tyranny, pure and simple.

It’s also blatantly illegal and unconstitutional, by the way. Spying on the private phone conversations of Americans can only be legally done with a court-approved FISA warrant that specifically names the intended target (a person) and provides reasonable evidence of suspicion that this person poses a legitimate threat to national security.

Yet in typical covid-tyranny fashion, Democrats now believe any “public health emergency” gives them the right to violate every constitutional right, human right and civil right you might have previously believed existed. Such is the nature of the absolute medical tyranny under which we are now living… a kind of medical dictatorship where the most power-hungry political zealots now think they can abandon all limits on government power and just do anything they want.

This situation will continue for as long as the sheeple submit to the tyranny.

And by the way, if the Democrats assert the power to read and modify your private phone text messages, then what else might they try next?

  • Reading and “correcting” all your emails.
  • Opening all your postal mail and banning mail from “unapproved” sources, claiming those are “misinformation.”
  • Placing mandatory audio monitoring devices in your private home and recording all your private conversations. When you say something they don’t like, an audio speaker in your home will announce the “fact check.”
  • Outlawing all books that offer viewpoints which contradict official narratives about vaccines, covid, elections and politics.
  • Cutting off electricity to the homes of people who hold “misinformation” views. After all, why should people be allowed to use electricity to spread “harmful information” across society, right?

You get the point. Once Democrats start down this road of total surveillance tyranny and “wrongthink” corrections, it never ends without some sort of revolution or civil war.

Learn more details on this outrageous new violation of civil rights and privacy in today’s Situation Update podcast (below).

Homeland Security-accredited training course teaches “rural isolation and quarantine” tactics for the coming covid camp roundups

In addition to the private phone message nightmare mentioned above, we’ve now learned that a DHS-accredited training organization is offering a course called MGT 433 ISOLATION & QUARANTINE FOR RURAL COMMUNITIES.

The course description refers to training local officials, “for situations requiring the isolation and quarantine (I&Q) of a large portion of a local, rural population.”

This dovetails with the efforts of the Biden regime to target rural communities, claiming vaccination rates are too low and need to be increased there. No doubt the day is coming when Biden’s goons will declare a public health emergency in low-vax rural counties and deploy armed government personnel to forcibly round up “anti-vaxxers” and incarcerate them in covid death camps run by FEMA.

It’s hard not to see this coming, given how openly they are advertising their intentions these days. All it’s going to take is a government release of another engineered bioweapon — I’m calling it the “Omega” variant — and they’ll spread mass panic to justify the forced medical kidnapping of rural Americans who refuse to get vaccinated or turn in their guns.

The engineering of all this is clearly under way right in front of us. Get the full details in today’s frightening podcast:


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