Belarus: The only country in Europe not effected by the Covid-19

Football matches in Bela Russia continue on their schedule

Europe has now become the epicenter of the global outbreak of the Corona virus, but there is also a country on the continent where officials are instructing the public not to change their daily living routines.

Belarus is a unique country in many respects. It is very different from other European countries and its nearest neighbors, Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine is a state of emergency while schools in Russia have been closed, large gatherings are banned and all flights arriving and departing in the country have been suspended. In Belarus, on the other hand, life is in many ways the norm.

Bella Russia’s borders are open, people are going to work and no one is buying toilet paper in storage world and storing it.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko says the country does not need to take any precautionary measures to prevent the Corona virus outbreak.

In a meeting with the Chinese ambassador to the country’s capital, Minsk, he emphasized that there was no need to be terrorized, saying that “events keep happening.”


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