BREAKING: Trump Reportedly Will Not Pardon Himself or His Family

President Donald Trump is set to issue a slew of pardons in the final hours of his term. But none of them, reportedly, will go to his family. And he will not pardon himself either.

According to Fox News anchor John Roberts, the president has decided not to issue a pardon to himself, nor has he decided to pardon anyone in his family.

The Fox report corroborates a previous Reuters report which revealed that the president is leaving himself off of the pardon list.

There has been talk that the president might have legal exposure stemming from the Capitol riots, with some suggesting that Trump could be charged for inciting the attack. Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance has a criminal investigation ongoing into Trump’s finances, but any charges resulting from that probe would not be covered by a pardon.

The question of whether Trump can pardon himself has been debated by Constiutional scholars in recent months. Most believe that a president does not have that ability, although some think that the president’s pardon powers are absolute.

CNN reported on Sunday that Trump is set to issue roughly 100 pardons on Tuesday.

This story is breaking.


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