ENG001 – Elementary English

PPT file of First Adobe Session
Adobe Session F1.pptx
1901.74 KBpptxNov 23, 2018
 Handouts ENG001.pdfHandouts ENG001 (PDF)1785.86 KBpdfApr 15, 2016
 Handouts ENG001.docHandouts ENG001 (MS Word)771 KBdocApr 15, 2016
 TeamViewer Meeting client side.pdfTeam Viewer Meeting user guide to interact with teachers in real time!312.07 KBpdfMay 07, 2014
 Natural English Reading and Writing Skills Resource Book Elementary level.pdfReading and writing skill4967.33 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 Communication-Skills.pdfCommunication Skills770.75 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 how to write effective business english.pdfHow to write effective business english1012.07 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 writing skill.pdfWriting Skill3094.08 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 Business_Vocabulary_in_Use_(Cambridge_Professional_English).pdfBusiness Vocabulary3835.86 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 Interview Skills That Win The Job.pdfInterview Skill2041.57 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 The Complete Presentation Skills Handbook.pdfPresentation Skill8433.19 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 Effective Writing Skills For Public Relations.pdfEffective Writing Skill2043.49 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 free-spoken-english-handbook.pdfSpoken English Handbook5327.49 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 Grammar_for_Everyone_Practical.pdfGrammar for Everyone3640.76 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 Cambridge-English Advanced Grammar in Use.pdfCambridge English Advanced Grammar6677.3 KBpdfDec 20, 2010
 longman_advanced_grammar__l_g_.pdfLongman Advanced Grammar18219.97 KBpdfDec 20, 2010


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