ENG515 – Teaching of Reading and Writing Skills

Remaining Lectures from 33-41 with Outline in PDF
ENG515 Handouts 33-41 with Outline.pdf
12036.86 KBpdfAug 07, 2019
 Handouts File ENG515.docHandouts of ENG515 Topics 1-1551363.5 KBdocJul 30, 2019
 I S P Nation Teaching ESL EFL Reading and Writing (2008).pdfTeaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing832.3 KBpdfJun 18, 2019
 Juan and Flor book CurrentTrends in the Development andTeaching of the FourLanguage Skills.pdfCurrent Trends in the Development and Teaching of the Four Language Skills Studies on Language Acquisition1431.29 KBpdfJun 18, 2019
PPTS of ENG515 Lecture 1-21(Topics 1-121)
PPTS of ENG515 Lecture 1-21.rar
24064.97 KBrarJun 12, 2019
 Fish_How to Write a Sentence.pdfHOW TO WRITE A SENTENCE AND HOW TO READ ONE938.78 KBpdfJan 24, 2019
 [Lee_Brandon,_Kelly_Brandon]_Paragraphs_and_Essays(BookSee.org) (1).pdfParagraphs and Essays With Integrated Readings Eleventh Edition Lee Brandon Mt. San Antonio College Kelly Brandon Santa Ana College9024.34 KBpdfJan 24, 2019
 [Paige_Wilson,_Teresa_Ferster_Glazier]_The_Least_Y(BookSee.org).pdfTheleast You Should Know about English Writing Skills1742.25 KBpdfJan 24, 2019
 1996-Four-strands.pdfFour Strands373.87 KBpdfJan 24, 2019
 On-Writing-Well.pdfOn Writing Well4633.98 KBpdfJan 24, 2019
 Reading Instructions.pdfReading Instructions909 KBpdfJan 22, 2019
 Miguel Angel, (2000). An approach to the integration of skills in teaching English, Language and literature journal.PDFMiguel Angel, (2000). An approach to the integration of skills in teaching English, Language and literature journal.1411.66 KBPDFJan 22, 2019
 William Grabe Key Issues in L2 Reading Development..pdfWilliam Grabe Key Issues in L2 Reading Development.227.86 KBpdfJan 22, 2019
 [Jeremy_Harmer]_How_to_Teach_Writing(BookSee.org).pdfHow to teach writing?13877.69 KBpdfJan 22, 2019
 Jack C. Richards, Willy A. Renandya – Methodology in Language Teaching_ An Anthology of Current Practice (2002, Cambridge University Press).pdfMethodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice53543.11 KBpdfJan 22, 2019
 [Eli_Hinkel]_Teaching_Academic_ESL_Writing__Practi(book4you.org).pdfTeaching academic ESL writing: Practical techniques in vocabulary and grammar.19543.27 KBpdfJan 22, 2019
 Broughton, G., Brumfit, C., Pincas, A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Routledge Education Books).pdfTeaching English as a foreign language841.33 KBpdfJan 22, 2019
 [Dana_Ferris,_John_Hedgcock]_Teaching_ESL_composit(book4you.org).pdfTeaching ESL composition: Purpose, process, and practice31910.48 KBpdfJan 22, 2019


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