ENG517 – Computer Assisted Language Learning

LECTURE 15- Research in CALL
LECTURE 15- Research In CALL- Handouts.pdf
519.21 KBpdfJul 11, 2019
 LECTURE 14- CALL- Speaking Skills- Handouts.pdfLECTURE 14- CALL- Speaking Skills- Handouts604.8 KBpdfJul 11, 2019
 LECTURE 13- CALL- Listening SKIlls- Handouts.pdfLECTURE 13- CALL- Listening Skills- Handouts447.75 KBpdfJul 11, 2019
 LECTURE 12- CALL- Writing Skills- Handouts.pdfLECTURE 12- CALL- Writing Skills- Handouts375.83 KBpdfJul 11, 2019
 LECTURE 11- CALL- Reading Skills- Handouts.pdfLECTURE 11- CALL- Reading Skills- Handouts442.46 KBpdfJul 11, 2019
 LECTURE 10- Groundwork for CALL-Handouts.pdfLecture 10-Groundwork for CALL Foundation- Handouts533.43 KBpdfJul 11, 2019
 LECTURE 9-Hypertext, Hypermedia and Multimedia- Handouts.pdfLECTURE-9- Hypertext, Hypermedia and Multimedia- Handouts392.07 KBpdfJul 04, 2019
 Eng 517- CALL- Handouts new.pdfEng 517- CALL (Handouts)1500.61 KBpdfApr 24, 2019
 Eng 517- CALL- Handouts new.docxEng517- CALL ( Handouts)751.18 KBdocxApr 24, 2019
 Yazdani M., Gelling R. (eds.)-Computer Assisted Language Learning (1989).pdfComputer Assisted Language Learning Publisher: Intellect Limited/ Ablex Publishing Corporation5077.19 KBpdfJan 28, 2019
 Enhancing_Learning_Through_Technology__Research_on_Emerging_Technologies_and_Pedagogies.pdfEnhancing Learning through Technology Research on Emerging technologies and Pedagogies Reggie Kwan, Robert Fox, F T Chan, Philip Tsang First Edition Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.12587.74 KBpdfJan 28, 2019
 [Keith_Cameron]_Computer_Assisted_Language_Learnin.pdfComputer Assisted Language Learning Program Structure and Principles Edited by Keith Cameron University of Exeter596.35 KBpdfJan 28, 2019
 [Felicia_Zhang]_Computer-Enhanced_and_Mobile-Assis.pdfComputer-enhanced and mobile-assisted language learning3590.86 KBpdfJan 28, 2019


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