GEN720 – Thesis

Demo Instructions – Literature review and Citation (1).docx
14.28 KBdocxJan 29, 2018
 Flow chart for MS thesis.docxFlow Chart for MS Thesis73.49 KBdocxJun 22, 2019
 Funding Opportunities under Access to Scientific Instrumentation Program.pdfResearch Funding Opportunities for MS students491.18 KBpdfAug 29, 2018
 Genetics_Tape Binding Thesis_Template_VU.docThesis Template131.5 KBdocAug 31, 2017
 How to Access digital Library.pdfDigital Library1147.31 KBpdfJan 29, 2018
 how to search article from internet.docxHow to search articles44.12 KBdocxJan 29, 2018
Monthly Thesis Progress Report_GEN720.docxMonthly Progress Report47.27 KBdocxOct 02, 2018
 PPT template for MS Viva Voce Exam.pptxPPT template for MS Viva Voce Exam392.53 KBpptxJun 13, 2018
 References of APA style.docAPA References STYLE Sample36.5 KBdocNov 17, 2017
 References Style.pdfReferences style79.81 KBpdfJan 29, 2018
 Tempate for Synopsis-MS.MPhil.PhD.docxApproved Template for Synopsis-MS/MPhil/PhD45.79 KBdocxOct 03, 2017
 Thesis Hard Bindings.docxThesis HARD BINDING DETAILS14.04 KBdocxOct 09, 2018
 Thesis Template_MS Genetics.docMS Research Thesis Template172 KBdocOct 05, 2018


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