GEN733 – Biometrical Techniques in Genetics

Research Article_Assignment No.1_Fall 2018
Article_Fall 2018_GEN733_Assignment 1.pdf
868.24 KBpdfDec 04, 2018
 Fall 2018_GEN 733_Article Assignment No. 2.pdfArticle for Assignment No. 2 of Fall 2018231.07 KBpdfFeb 11, 2019
 Genetics Assignment Paper.pdfFall 2017 Assignment 1 Paper1482.91 KBpdfNov 14, 2017
 Introduction to Biometrical Genetics-by Kenneth Mather.pdfIntroduction to Biometrical Genetics (Book)6828.57 KBpdfApr 06, 2017
 Introduction to Quantitative Genetic-DS Falconer.pdfIntroduction to Quantitative Genetics (Book)21004.68 KBpdfApr 06, 2017
 Likelihood, Bayesian and MCMC Methods in Quantitative Genetics-Springer-Verlag-(Statistics for biology and health) Daniel Sorensen, Daniel Gianola- (2002).pdfLikelihood, Bayesian and MCMC Methods in Quantitative Genetics(Book)14032.71 KBpdfApr 06, 2017
 Population Genetics.pdfPopulation Genetics (Book)2997.72 KBpdfApr 06, 2017


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