Google Chrome Mobile Will Now Warn You if Your Passwords Get Stolen

Google Chrome will soon become a more secure and reliable browser for Android and iOS with an upcoming update that will warn you if your passwords are compromised. Starting today, Google Chrome mobile will alert you if your saved passwords get stolen and how you can fix it.

Chrome will be able to look out for compromised passwords by sending a copy of them to Google with a special form of encryption so that Google cannot tell what your password or username is.

Chrome for Android and iOS can now alert you when your passwords are compromised

The browser will take you straight to the “Change Password” form of whichever service your password was from. It will do so right after alerting you without making you go through any extra steps.

Other than that, Safety Check is an upcoming update for Chrome mobile that will not only alert you about compromised passwords but will also tell you if Safe Browsing is enabled and if you’re running the latest version of Google’s security protections on Chrome.

iOS users will also be able to use their saved passwords on Chrome for other apps. They will get a prompt for fingerprint authentication before Chrome passwords are used anywhere else

Chrome for Android and iOS can now alert you when your passwords are compromised

Another future update coming to Android is Enhanced Safe Browsing that will protect you from phishing, malware, and dangerous websites. However, it comes with a cost as you will have to share your data in real-time with Google, which many will not be happy with.

Nonetheless, Google has said that users who have this option enabled on desktop saw a drop of 20% in terms of phishing and malware attacks.


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