Herman Cain’s Twitter Account Says Covid-19 Is ‘Not As Deadly’ As Warned, Weeks After His Death From The Virus

Herman Cain’s Twitter account indicated that Covid-19 was “not as deadly” as claimed, just weeks after the Republican presidential candidate died from the virus.

The prominent conservative businessman died in July from the virus after spending weeks in critical condition.

Cain’s Twitter account continued to post several times a day after his death, most often to share posts from the questionable. Journal occidental, one of which served as the basis for Monday’s claim against the coronavirus.

“It appears the virus is not as deadly as the mainstream media first made it appear,” the tweet read, referring to a Journal occidental article on a recent data release from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC statement recorded that in 6% of coronavirus deaths in the United States, Covid-19 was the only factor. This fact was skipped over by US skeptics of the virus, who reported the reverse figure of 94% to suggest that the virus was unimportant in these deaths despite being listed as a cause alongside additional health problems.

the Journal occidental was found in a New York Times last year’s investigation was found blacklisted by Apple News, the tech giant’s news aggregator, after producing articles promoting “views overwhelmingly rejected by the community scientist “. The site had previously been blacklisted by Google News for what was considered deceptive marketing practices.

Site founder Floyd Brown has a long history of trafficking conspiracy theories, including an infamous 2008 election campaign attack ad that questioned whether then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, was secretly Muslim and claimed that Hungarian-American financier George Soros “planned to wreck the American economy, get billions of dollars richer and make Obama in the White House look crazy.”

Cain’s daughter, Melanie Cain Gallo, announced after the businessman’s death that his social media team and family members would continue to manage his Twitter account.

“We decided here at Cain’s headquarters that we would continue to use this platform to share the information and ideas he believed in. He would often talk about the current site once he was ready to move away from it. We had hoped he might enjoy reading it when he retires, but he made it clear that he wanted to continue, ”said Gallo.

The Cain Gang, as the name is called, made headlines earlier in August after hinting that Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy was going to be “completely mad” the day Kamala Harris was announced as vice president. of the Democratic candidate.

“The Cain Gang is made up of different writers who have their own opinions. We all lean to the right, but we are also individuals. Each article reflects the opinions of this writer. This is how Herman wanted it to work, ”the account posted after several news reports. points of sale listed on the tweet.

Herman Cain was a prominent businessman who rose to prominence when he launched a campaign for the Republican presidential candidacy in 2012. He remains posthumous president of Black Voices for Trump, a grassroots campaign organization.


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