HRM713 – Performance Management

Performance Management by Herman Aguinis: A comprehensive book in PMS
Performance Management 3rd Edition by Aguinis.pdf
1941.69 KBpdfMay 04, 2018
 Performance Appraisal and Performance Management; A Multilevel Analysis.pdfPerformance Appraisal and Performance Management; A Multilevel Analysis3811.55 KBpdfJul 21, 2014
 A Handbook for Measuring Employee Performance.pdfA Handbook for Measuring Employee Performance: material for assignment 21551.84 KBpdfJul 03, 2014
 ARMSTRONG’S HANDBOOK OF PERFORMANCE.pdfThis book deals with performance management as a system consisting of interlocking elements deliberately designed to achieve a purpose, that of achieving high performance.2188.06 KBpdfMay 20, 2014
 The Performance Appraisal Question and Answer Book.pdfThis book addresses the real questions asked by the managers in order to create a climate of performance excellence1144.1 KBpdfFeb 24, 2014
 Chapter 8 Performance Management and Appraisal.pdfA complete chapter of a book dedicated to Performance management which will help students in understanding the theoretical bases of PMS.3426.03 KBpdfFeb 24, 2014
 Performance Management A roadmap for developing, implementing and evaluating performance management.pdfThe goal of this book is to provide human resource(HR) professionals with useful guidelines for developing and implementing effective performance management systems.438.27 KBpdfFeb 24, 2014
 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Performance management putting research into action.pdfThis book provides useful guidelines for practitioners to enhance the quality of performance management systems and processes. Chapters are written by different authors in which dozens of real world examples are presented to illustrate how performance management systems can be effectively designed and implemented.2971.66 KBpdfNov 04, 2013


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