Florida Man Arrested For Attempting To ‘Barbecue’ Child Molesters

Jorge Porto-Sierra’s plan to burn sex offenders to death was only thwarted when police arrived too soon.

Jorge Porto-Sierra Mugshot

Osceola CountyJorge Porto-Sierra’s mugshot.

“I’m going to kill you, child molester,” screamed Jorge Porto-Sierra as he poured gasoline on the door of the Friendly Village Inn in Osceola County, Florida. With a cigarette in hand, Porto-Sierra continued to dump the flammable fluids all over the premises in hopes of setting the property ablaze and burning the sex offenders inside to death.

As Porto-Sierra told police when they arrived on the scene before he could carry out his plan, he intended to “barbecue all the child molesters on fire and kill them.” But with the police on hand to foil his plans, Porto-Sierra instead ended up under arrest.

Police soon confirmed that 50-year-old Porto-Sierra was indeed trying to kill four sex offenders (at least two of them indeed convicted as such) by setting their rooms on fire at the Friendly Village Inn & Motel in Kissimmee. An Osceola County detective said that the man admitted his plan, causing him to be charged with four counts of attempted murder.

According to the police report, a man was standing outside of his room when Porto-Sierra jumped out of his car and began screaming at the individual. Terrified, the man ran back into his room, prompting Porto-Sierra to break one of the motel’s windows and pour gasoline inside.

Meanwhile, the man and his roommate escaped through the back window. But Porto-Sierra’s rampage wasn’t over yet.

Porto-Sierra then reportedly attacked two other individuals inside a car in the hotel parking lot by ramming his black Ford Focus into their vehicle. He then poured gasoline into the car through an open window.

Jorge Porto-Sierra Booking Photo

Arrests.orgBooking photo of Jorge Porto-Sierra.

Deputies then arrived on the scene, where they say Jorge Porto-Sierra surrendered right away. Waiving his Miranda rights, Porto-Sierra confessed and told the authorities, “They raped kids, they are child molesters that all live here and deserve to die.”

Osceola County is indeed known for being something of a haven for sex offenders because it isn’t within any restricted range of schools, playgrounds, and churches. As such, there is actually a history of registered sex offenders living at the Friendly Village Inn & Motel.

According to Inquisitr, some 430 sex offenders were living in the Kissimmee area at the time of the incident. Moreover, approximately 20 listed the Friendly Village Inn & Motel as their home address.

With some knowledge of the area’s density of sex offenders in mind, Porto-Sierra attempted to enact fiery, vigilante justice on the sex offenders inside — and came close to getting his wish.

When the police asked why he didn’t follow through with the plan, Jorge Porto-Sierra simply responded, “because you got here too soon.”

He was quickly placed in custody at the Osceola County Jail without bond.


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