MGMT611 – Human Relations (alt. code=HRM611)

Human Relations (MGMT 611) Complete Handouts
Updated Human Relations _MGMT611_ Lecture 1-45.pdf
859.97 KBpdfJul 10, 2018
 Plagiarism_Sensitisation_Document[1].pdfPlagiarism Sensitisation Document148.55 KBpdfOct 21, 2015
 Handouts Human Relations _MGMT611_ Lecture 1-22.rarLecture Handouts: MGMT 611 (Lesson 1-22)551.51 KBrarApr 11, 2014
 MGMT611 PPTs.rarMGMT 611 PPTs 45 lectures2004.11 KBrarOct 28, 2013


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