MGMT729 – Crisis Management

Assignment related research article
Effective crisis management Tools and best practices for the new millennium.pdf
377.06 KBpdfNov 21, 2019
 The impact of top management support for strategic planning on crisis management.pdfAssignment related research article321.44 KBpdfMay 27, 2019
 Chaos_Crises_and_Disasters_a_Strategic_A.pdfAssignment related article291.91 KBpdfJan 11, 2018
 Module Pack 1.zipModule Pack 1 Reading Material10344.98 KBzipMay 08, 2017
 Course Outline CM MGMT729.docxCourse Outline156.65 KBdocxMay 08, 2017
 Stress Management in Crisis.pdfThis reading is essential for stress management strategies during , before and after crisis.1327.61 KBpdfDec 09, 2016
 writingsummary.pdfThis document will help the research scholars regarding how to read and summarize an article.124.91 KBpdfNov 22, 2016
Crisis_Management_Planning_and_Execution.pdfCrisis Management planning and Execution is a wonderful reading for all those who know about causes types, stages and strategies to handle the crisis situation in business organizations.5886.7 KBpdfNov 09, 2016
 Module Pack 4.zipModule Pack 4234.61 KBzipJul 15, 2016
 Module Pack 3.zipModule Pack 3505.57 KBzipJun 14, 2016
 Exam Wrappers.docxExam Wrappers24.72 KBdocxMay 18, 2016
 Module Pack 2.zipModule Pack 2390.61 KBzipMay 05, 2016
 Plagiarism_Sensitisation_Document[1].pdfPlagiarism Sensitisation Document148.27 KBpdfOct 21, 2015
 TeamViewer Meeting client side.pdfTeam Viewer Meeting Client Side312.07 KBpdfDec 01, 2014
 Summarizing a research article.pdfSummarizing a research article21.75 KBpdfNov 12, 2013


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