MGT602 – Entrepreneurship

Business Model Canvas in detail.
35631.75 KBmp4Jan 15, 2019
 NABC Example R.mp4Example of NABC approach.33597.87 KBmp4Nov 13, 2018
 NABC Approach R.mp4Introduction to NABC Approach.50914.82 KBmp4Nov 13, 2018
 Contracts andcontract conditions.docxPlease read11.87 KBdocxMay 26, 2015
 Locus of Control Definition and Examples of Internal and External – Video & Lesson Transcript Study_com.htmLocus Of control detailed doc Lesson no 8109.17 KBhtmApr 28, 2015
 Entreprenurship MGT-602 (Handouts).pdfhandouts1043.69 KBpdfApr 28, 2015
 Entrepreneurial traits.pdfThis document is related to the common traits of an entrepreneur.1051.27 KBpdfNov 21, 2014
 Generating Ideas in entrepreneurship.pdfIdea generation through entrepreneurship.584.59 KBpdfNov 21, 2014
 Course Contents mgt 602.pdfCourse Contents1219.02 KBpdfOct 22, 2014
 Entrepreneurial Process.pptEntreprenerial Process1189.5 KBpptOct 02, 2013
 Business Plan Guide Book.pdfGuide book of business plan167.28 KBpdfJun 14, 2013
 Say No to plagiarism.pdfGuidance for students to avoid plagiarism19.21 KBpdfJan 20, 2012
 PPT slides of mgt602.rarPPT slides of all lec (1-45)901.04 KBrarJan 12, 2012
 Teaching ScheduleMGT 602_Modified.pdfTeaching Schedule352.47 KBpdfJun 05, 2009


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