MGT713 – Production / Operations Management

Article for Assignment No.1
Article for assignment Number 1.pdf
162.69 KBpdfAug 02, 2019
 The Productivity Paradox.pdfThe Productivity Paradox105.12 KBpdfNov 21, 2017
 Module description.pdfModule Description42.67 KBpdfJul 14, 2017
 Total Quality Management.pdfTotal Quality Management and employees’ involvement118.51 KBpdfJan 18, 2017
 Syllabus_Mid Term Exams.pdfSyllabus_Mid Term Exams29.44 KBpdfDec 07, 2016
 Top-down Production Management A Recent Trend in Japanese Productivity Enhancement Movement.pdfTop-down Production Management A Recent Trend in Japanese Productivity Enhancement Movement739.14 KBpdfNov 23, 2016
 Total Quality Management and Employees Involvement.pdfTotal Quality Management and employees’ involvement: A case study of an Australian organisation132.01 KBpdfJul 14, 2016
 RecentTrendsInModernOM.pdfRecent Trends In Modern OM114.92 KBpdfApr 22, 2016
 New Revolution in Productivity.pdfNew Revolution in Productivity234.03 KBpdfApr 22, 2016
 Do inventory management practices affect.pdfDo inventory management practices affect economic performance? An empirical evaluation of the machine tool SMEs in Bangalore339.31 KBpdfFeb 01, 2016
 Does quality assurance deliver higher.pdfDoes quality assurance deliver higher production155.21 KBpdfNov 18, 2015
 Production management issues in developing.pdfProduction management issues in developing nations237.96 KBpdfNov 18, 2015
 Course Pack_Fall2015_Mid Term.zipCourse Pack_Mid Term Exams545.41 KBzipNov 18, 2015
 Rethinking total quality.pdfRethinking total quality management178.3 KBpdfJul 04, 2014
 Decision Making under uncertainity.pdfDecision Making under uncertainty.78.25 KBpdfJun 02, 2014
 The impact of forecasting on operational performance.pdfThe impact of forecasting on operational performance:Mediation effects through flexibility enablers134.46 KBpdfMay 23, 2014
 Organizing customer-oriented service business.pdfOrganizing customer-oriented service business244.36 KBpdfMay 23, 2014
 Solved Example of Exponential Smoothing.pdfSolved Example of Exponential Smoothing80.82 KBpdfMay 15, 2014
 Summarizing a research article.pdfSummarizing a research article21.75 KBpdfMay 14, 2014
 Top management A threat or an oppertunity to TQM.pdfTop management: A threat or an opportunity to TQM?162.69 KBpdfFeb 07, 2014
 MRO inventory reduction-challenges and management.pdfMRO inventory reduction—challenges and management: a case study of the Tennessee Valley Authority162.55 KBpdfFeb 06, 2014
 From TQM to business excellence.pdfFrom TQM to business excellence237.94 KBpdfFeb 06, 2014
 The New Revolution in Productivity.pdfThe New Revolution in Productivity234.03 KBpdfDec 19, 2013
 Benefits, obstacles, and future of six sigma approach.pdfBenefits, obstacles, and future of six sigma approach175.96 KBpdfJul 02, 2013
 Total quality management and corporate culture constructs of.pdfTotal quality management and corporate culture: constructs of organisational excellence133.16 KBpdfJun 17, 2013
 literature review.pdfLiterature Review150.19 KBpdfMay 14, 2013
 writing a literature review.pdfwriting a literature review107.91 KBpdfMay 14, 2013
 MGT713 Summaries _video -Lecture 1 – 45_.pdfvideo lectures (summaries)5574.49 KBpdfMay 03, 2013
 Does Quality Still Pay.pdfDoes Quality Still Pay? A Reexamination of the Relationship between Effective Quality Management and Firm Performance200.18 KBpdfMay 02, 2013
 guidelines_review_article.pdfguidelines to review article760.54 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
 Writing a critical review.pdfcritical review67.77 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
critical review
Writing a Critical Book Review.pdf
571.27 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
 research_proposal_guide.pdfresearch proposal76.76 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
 Research Methodology An Introduction.pdfresearch methodology80.85 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
 Proposal_Preparation_Guide.pdfproposal preperation81.83 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
 APA Style Essentials.pdfAPA style essential103.86 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
 APA Manual 6th Edition.pdfAPA manual1368.98 KBpdfApr 25, 2013
 Management Research Methods.pdfmanagement research methods5187.85 KBpdfApr 23, 2013
 MGT713 PPt slides.rarLectures Power Point Slides1320.66 KBrarApr 22, 2013


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