MGTI619 – Internship Report-Management

Internship Report for Supply Chain & Operations Management
Internship Report format for Operations and Supply Chain students.pdf
21.22 KBpdfJul 16, 2019
 Presentation template for Masters in Operations & Supply Chain Management.pptPresentation template for Masters in Operations & Supply Chain Management134 KBpptJul 15, 2019
 Prsntation_tmplate_4_MGT.pptPresentation template for MGTI61938 KBpptFeb 16, 2018
 Internship Report Writing-(Strategy and Tips)-mgt.pdfStrategies and tips for writing effective internship report627.43 KBpdfJul 15, 2014
 Do and Dont Final.pdfDo and Dont’s for skype utilization134.63 KBpdfJan 02, 2014
 Format of Internship Report_ MGTI619.pdfFormat of Internship Report_MGTI61939.36 KBpdfJan 14, 2011
 Request_Form_for_Reference_Letter.docRevised IRL36.5 KBdocOct 01, 2010
 Letter_of_Undertaking.pdfLetter_of_Undertaking13.73 KBpdfDec 19, 2009
 Plagiarism_Sensitisation_Document.pdfPlagiarism146.82 KBpdfNov 18, 2009


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