PSY504 – Cognitive Psychology

Document for assignment.
Brain and its funtions.pdf
24.02 KBpdfNov 13, 2019
 REACTION TIME.pdfWord list to perform Reaction Time Experiment.25.54 KBpdfMay 16, 2019
 Ap Koun.Kitni Girhein Baqi Hain Episode 21 Full HUM TV Drama 19 March 2017 – YouTube.MKVAp Koun96994.91 KBMKVJan 04, 2018
 List of Questions 504.pdfList f questions64.44 KBpdfMay 25, 2015
 SOPs Team Viewer Meeting Session.pdfSOP Team Viewer 50496.55 KBpdfMay 25, 2015
 Formatted Handouts of Cognitive Psychology (PSY504).pdfFormatted Handouts of (PSY504)5077.82 KBpdfDec 29, 2014
 TeamViewer Meeting client side (For Participants).pdfTeam Viewer Meeting client side (For Participants)312.07 KBpdfNov 14, 2014
 Article for Cognitive Psychology Assignment.docxArticle for Assignment 01 (PSY504)20.35 KBdocxMay 07, 2013
 The Changeling plot Outline.docxMaterial for Assignment 2 (PSY504)16 KBdocxJan 22, 2013
 Understanding Cognitive Development Automaticity and the Early Years Child.pdfUnderstanding Cognitive Development: Automaticity and the Early Years Child1150.44 KBpdfApr 10, 2012
 Explaining the Forgetting and Recovery of Abuse and Trauma Memories.pdfExplaining the Forgetting and Recovery of Abuse and Trauma Memories: Possible Mechanism1429.02 KBpdfDec 16, 2011
 The Information Processing Approach to Cognition article.pdfThe Information Processing Approach to Cognition88.4 KBpdfApr 21, 2010
 tulving memory system.pdfArticle for assignment NO 02137.67 KBpdfJan 08, 2010


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