PSY619 – Final Project-Psychology

APA Manual
APA Manual 6th Edition.pdf
9634.14 KBpdfSep 04, 2019
 Letter_of_Undertaking-Final_Project.pdfLetter of undertaking6.71 KBpdfNov 15, 2016
 Suitable title finale.mp3Suitable Title5634.61 KBmp3Jun 20, 2011
 tips for literature review.mp3tips for literature review9636.86 KBmp3Jun 20, 2011
 How to take first step final.mp3How to take first step to start project6532.78 KBmp3Jun 20, 2011
 Proposal_for_Projec1_619 pdf.pdfProposal guidelines37.51 KBpdfApr 22, 2010
 DESIGNING DATA COLLECTION FORMS – QUESTIONNAIRES.pdfDesigning Data Collection Forms1470.39 KBpdfDec 04, 2009
 How_to_ask_questions_through_questionaire.pdfHow To Ask Questions through Questionnaire185 KBpdfDec 04, 2009
 Plagiarism_Sensitisation_Document.pdfPlagiarism Sensitisation62.62 KBpdfNov 18, 2009


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