Sir Jeremy Farrar of the British Wellcome Trust conspired with Fauci and Daszak to stifle Wuhan lab leak theory

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Peter Daszak were not the only guardians of science who privately plotted to conceal gain-of-function coronavirus research from the public. Sir Jeremy Farrar from the British Wellcome Trust also conspired to shut down any debate on the Wuhan lab leak theory. The former Oxford University professor has been in this influential role for eight years, commandeering one of the world’s wealthiest foundations while also sitting on the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

According to the first Fauci email release, Sir Jeremy Farrar played a pivotal role behind the scenes, convincing top scientists to stay quiet on the potential lab leak theory. He even demanded secrecy on their discussions. The emails reveal how these men colluded with one another to divert attention away from the risky virus engineering and vaccine research that was taking place in Wuhan.

Farrar conspired with Fauci and Daszak to conceal potential lab origin of SARS-CoV-2

In early 2020, Farrar publicly claimed that scientists “know” SARS-CoV-2 was not created in a lab, even though scientists around the world were already documenting “HIV-like inserts” and other evidence of man-made interference in the genetic sequence of the virus.

In fact, Farrar was one of the leading scientists who signed Dr. Daszak’s infamous Lancet statement, declaring the lab leak theory a “conspiracy” before any hard evidence emerged, before any formal investigation could be conducted. Farrar claimed the “evidence” indicates that SARS-CoV-2 spilled over naturally from animals. None such evidence exists, because China has yet to find an animal reservoir to blame for the pandemic. At least 80,000 samples from animals have been analyzed to find a possible natural link, yet no match has been made.

As the director of the world’s largest philanthropic science funding body, Sir Jeremy Farrar is largely responsible for ensuring that the scientific community is accountable and transparent, open to all possibilities, and capable of investigating different hypotheses. Instead, Farrar conspired with potentially culpable gain-of-function researchers to stifle debate and investigation into the origins of covid-19.

“Farrar is clearly an impressive individual, so we should all be concerned when someone of his stature appears to be stifling debate,” said Westminster’s Bob Seely, a Tory member of the foreign affairs select committee. “It is chilling. The job of science is to go where the truth leads, not to stop us going there. Distinguished people such as Jeremy Farrar should not have been participating in systematic and organised attempts to shut down open debate on such a vital issue for the entire world. We have a right to be worried.”

Daszak and Farrar’s statements in the Lancet over a year ago used blatant coercion and intimidation tactics to shut down further investigation. Since then, three of the signatories admit that the lab leak theory merits serious investigation.

Fauci emails reveal multinational collusion to suppress coronavirus engineering, nefarious experiments on human immune systems

Before the engineered spike protein was released, Farrar and Fauci authored a report for the World Health Organization that explained the “increasing risk of a global pandemic” due to an engineered pathogen that could escape the lab. However, when a real outbreak did manifest, Farrar and Fauci turned a blind eye to this possibility, making themselves look guilty in a multinational coverup. In fact, their statement to the public is that people should “ignore the conspiracy theories” because “scientists know covid-19 wasn’t created in a lab.” In the Fauci emails, Farrar communicated early and often. Farrar emailed Fauci about an article published on Zero Hedge. That article linked a Wuhan researcher to the virus outbreak.

The two guardians of science also panicked about an article in Science magazine that brought attention to Fauci and Daszak’s work at the Wuhan lab – research that sought to unravel the virus’s beginnings. Fauci and Farrar were concerned about a 2015 paper detailing the work of Ralph Baric and Dr. Shi from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The paper explained how they were making natural viruses that are more capable of infecting humans.

Fauci marked the email “important” attached the gain-of-function paper, and forwarded the article to senior US officials, writing: “Keep your phone on.” Fauci sent the article to Farrar, saying: “It is of interest to the current discussion.” After the emergency correspondence, Farrar set up a teleconference with Fauci and eleven global experts, warning that their discussions were “in total confidence” and information was “not to be shared” without agreement. This led to the creation of two international pieces of authoritative propaganda that Farrar conspired to produce. This propaganda ultimately shut down any debate on the origin of SARS-CoV-2 for over a year, and formed the basis of all censorship on the matter in the scientific community, in the mainstream media, and across Big Tech. Now it is being exposed for what it is — evidence of a coordinated coverup attempt on SARS-CoV-2.

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