Spanish Police Bust International Arms Dealers Working In A Shrine Dedicated To Hitler

In an Andalusian warehouse, police found a collection of Nazi memorabilia beside 22 AK-47s.

Collection Of Firearms

Spanish Civil GuardSpanish police traced an arms trafficking ring back to a Nazi-themed warehouse in Andalusia.

Over the last year, Spanish authorities have been working to bust an illegal weapons enterprise that was operating throughout Europe. When they finally raided one of the criminal group’s warehouses this week, authorities were shocked to discover that it was not only full of weapons but also Nazi memorabilia.

According to Newsweek, the Spanish Civil Guard found the warehouse in the autonomous region of Andalusia, and it included Nazi uniforms, emblems, and medals. Several portraits of Adolf Hitler also adorned the walls while male and female mannequins were found dressed in mint-condition Nazi gear and placed throughout the warehouse like a small army.

The Spanish Civil Guard described the discovery as a “museum of Nazi-themed objects.” They also disclosed that the building had been rented by one of the two German men who were arrested during the bust. A third man, a British national, was also detained at the site.Nazi Warehouse

Spanish Civil GuardThe warehouse was decorated with Third Reich items and mannequins dressed in Nazi gear.

abilities for resale. Some of the firearms were found already sealed, packed up, and ready for delivery to European drug traffickers.

Authorities believe that the weapons were first modified inside a secret workshop in Malaga, then packed and stored at the Andalusian warehouse.

The three men have since been charged with drug trafficking and falsifying documents in addition to arms trafficking charges. At least one of the men has known ties to the neo-Nazi movement.


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