The human brain is also affected by the Coronavirus, Experts say

Medical experts have revealed that the brains of corona virus-infected patients have also started to paralyze. According to a report by a foreign news agency, a worldwide outbreak of the Corona virus from China has started affecting the human brain as well. This horrible revelation came after a brain examination of an elderly woman in the US state of Florida with the virus.

The report states that a 70-year-old American woman lost strength due to a brain paralysis. An examination of the brain of another 50-year-old woman revealed that the cells of the brain were infected with rare complications of the virus. ۔

According to a foreign news agency report, there were some cases of deadly virus affecting the central nervous system in Italy and China as well, although so far more than 700,000 people have been infected worldwide due to neurological complications. A small subset of it appears,However, these reports provide a disturbing picture of the potential for long-term effects. Experts say that 7 million patients worldwide have seen minor neurological complications, but experts have noted the effects of persistent neurological complications. Have shown.

Doctors say a 58-year-old woman was diagnosed with the Corona virus but showed no signs of Corona, when a female test revealed that the virus had infected the central nervous system. Neurological symptoms are not counted in the symptoms of the virus, but doctors still performed the woman’s krona test, which led to the diagnosis of the virus in a 58-year-old woman.


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