What will be the cost of coronavirus treatment?Experts Said treating the nasal coronavirus would not be very expensive

Yesterday, experts from the Dow University of Health claimed to have successfully tested the Corona virus vaccine. Dr. Shaukat Ali of Dow University talks about the cost of corona virus treatment and vaccine in a TV program.

Dr Shaukat Ali said that treating the nasal corona virus would not be very expensive, but the cost of the drug would be the same as the rabies and rabies vaccine.

He said that antibodies were obtained from healthy patients for the treatment of corona virus and safety studies for corona virus treatment have been done on the animal while we have reached that the antibody is isolated from the plasma of the patients. Can do

The doctor said we would need the help of regulators and well-being patients and were also aware of the regulators’ conditions for corona virus medication.

He said that the formulation can be made by making patients’ antibodies more transparent, which is also safe.

Dr Shaukat Ali said that the effort is to meet the potential needs of the drip in advance.

It should be noted that yesterday, experts at Dow University claimed to have vaccinated for corona treatment.


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