You Are not Satisfy with Result than Apply for rechecking of papers

   You Are not Satisfy with Result than Apply for rechecking of papers

As we know that recently Virtual university of Pakistan Announced Final Vu result final term 2019 on 27 March 2018 and Mostly even all the students were waiting for that day and at the end result was announced yesterday .The More interesting thing is that Many of our Vu students get 3 plus CGPA and some are 3.5 plus and again some are satisfy in 2 plus :D. What Allah says that “Do a hard work I will pay back you in any cost” .Maximum People are satisfied with their results because they know what they studied and what that had given papers according to that they got results as well. As I believed in it that Degree or Marks ,CGPA etc matter only in university life if you move in practical life so the practical life is totally different if you have skills so you can move forward in any Cs Field . After the result some students always doubtful about their results and they never satisfy about result and they want to Apply for rechecking of papers and virtual university of Pakistan Provides you that favor in order to satisfy the students that  Virtual university always announce result honestly but if still students wants to recheck the results so you need to just visit Vulms and Follow Vulms Login and check in students services or updates you will find the link updates about Vu paper Rechecking .we have found some official data from vu  given below !


Apply for rechecking of papers


A student who is not satisfied with the marks in his/her paper(s) may request for paper rechecking within three weeks from the publication of the result on the payment of Rs. 300 per paper as “Rechecking fee”.

For this, the students may log into their VULMS and go to Student Services àApply for Rechecking

 In case of any problem, contact [email protected]

So we have Also guide you about your papers rechecking I just wanted to wish you a best of luck for you Papers my prayers are with all of you that if you recheck your papers you will pass your subjects in order to maintain your CGPA .If you like our article and that was helpful so please share with other students so we will feel Proud that we have deliver our best .if you share our article so that would great and will make my Day Happy .


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