You Can Now Use Facebook Messenger in Instagram

In its latest effort to make cross-platform messaging easier in its family of apps, Facebook is merging Messenger with Instagram. There is a new update rolling out for everyone on iOS and Android that will pop up a message saying “there’s a new way to message on Instagram” with a list of features such as a “new colorful look”, “chat with friends on Facebook”, etc.

Once the app is updated, the icon for Direct Messages on the top right will be replaced by the Messenger’s icon. Just as promised, your chats will become more colorful with messages shifting between blue and purple colors while your scroll. However, the ability to message Facebook friends is still not available, but this will be added soon.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed plans to rebuild the underlying infrastructure to merge chatting functionalities for its social media apps. Cross-platform messaging would make it easier for millions of users to chat within the company’s ecosystem. He also said that he wants this system to be end to end encrypted, and it’s a long term project going throughout 2020 and beyond.

By doing so, the company hopes to compete directly with Apple’s iMessage.

As for the Instagram and Messenger merger, it is currently not available for everyone, but since it has been spotted already, a global rollout should be coming shortly.


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