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The Primary textbook for the course is:
 Essentials of Corporate Finance, by Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, fourth edition, McGraw

Hill Publishers, ISBN 0-07-121057-7
Reference books will be:

 Introduction to Finance by Lawrence J. Gitman and Jeff Madura, Addison-Wesley Publishers
 Foundations of Financial Management by Stanley B. Block and Geoffrey A. Hirt, McGraw
Hill Publishers
Course Contents
 An overview of Financial Environment
 Financial Statements, Taxes and Cash Flows
 Time Value of Money and Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
 Valuation of Stocks and Bonds
 Net Present Value and other Investment Criteria
 Capital Investment Decision
 Risk and Return
 Cost of Capital
 Leverage and Capital Structure
 Raising Capital
 Working Capital Management
 Dividends
Finance: A Quick Look
 Four Basic Areas

o Business Finance
o Investments
o Financial Institutions
o International Finance

Business Finance

Addresses the following three questions:
 What long-term investments should the firm engage in?
 How can the firm raise the money for the required investments?
 How much short-term cash flow does a company need to pay its bills?
 Deals with financial assets such as stocks and bonds.
 It covers the following issues:

o Pricing Financial Assets
o Associated Risks and Rewards
o Determining best mixture of financial investment
 Career opportunities in investment
o Stock Brokerage


o Portfolio Management
o Security Analysis
Financial Institutions

 Businesses dealing in financial matters

o Banks and Insurance companies
International Finance
 Covers international aspects of corporate finance, investment and financial institutions.

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