CS301 Handouts – The best way to prepare for Data Structure

The data structure is one of the most complex topics of programming. Many students fail to understand the concepts of this subject. It is all about the arrays and lists and algorithms which are not easy to understand if you are not good at programming. However, many students also find it difficult because they do not have the necessary reading material. The VU offers the CS301 course lectures which you can view. But if you do not have the handouts, you cannot learn the data structures properly. It is why you should have the cs301 handouts.

Understanding Data Structure

To understand the concepts of the Data structures you need to have a reading material that will focus on the basics. The reading material such as the cs301 handouts is very easy to comprehend. These handouts have examples which you can easily understand. These handouts are in such a way that any student with minimal programming knowledge can understand them.

These handouts cover every topic which you will see in the video lectures and the outline given by Virtual University. When you sit in the exam preparing for the exam using these handouts, you will see that there was nothing left behind. These handouts have all the material that you need to prepare for the VU’s CS301 paper. You can ensure good grades after taking these handouts.

Understanding the basic and the complex concepts of data structures like arrays, lists, and trees is not a difficult task if you have these cs301 handouts.


Following are the topics that you will find in the cs301 handouts.

  • Introduction to data structures – selecting data structure, Array and lists
  • Implementation of lists – Add, Find, Next, Remove methods, linked lists, analysis of array list
  • Linked lists inside computer memory
  • Linked lists using C++
  • Methods of linked lists
  • Analysis of linked lists
  • Josephus problem
  • Stacks
  • Abstract Datatype
  • Circular lists
  • Postfix expressions and Infinix to postfix conversions
  • C++ templates
  • Queues and their implementation – queues in arrays
  • Priority Queues
  • Trees – Binary trees, complete binary tree, levels of binary trees
  • Binary search tree with example codes
  • Traversal of a binary tree and Removing a node from BST
  • Reference variables
  • AVL tree – insertion in AVL tree, deletion in AVL tree, rotation methods
  • Expression tree and Hoffman Coding
  • Heap – building a heap, deleting and inserting in a mini heap, Heapsort,
  • Disjoint sets and Dynamic equivalence problems
  • Tables and dictionaries
  • Searching an Array – binary search, with examples and C++ codes
  • Skip lists – insertion, and deletion from skip lists
  • Hashing and Qual nodes
  • Collision and linear probing
  • Hashing animation, When hashing is suitable
  • Selection sort, Insertion sort, and Bubble sort
  • Merge arrays,

These are the topics that you will find in these handouts for the data structure. These topics are elaborate and have both real-life examples and C++ codes to help you better understand the data structures. With these handouts that give you examples of coding in C++, you will easily prepare for the exam. It is why you should rely on these handouts. You can download them and print them to study.


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