23 Dead In Norway After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

In the European country of Norway, 23 people have died after Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine. This information has been provided by the Norwegian Agency for Medicine. The agency was quoted by Europe News as saying that experts are currently investigating the deaths of the deceased. Out of these, 13 dead have been investigated. Vaccination started against the Corona virus in Norway on 27 December. The vaccine was first given to people from nursing homes in Oslo. In the US, Pfizer / Bioentech and Moderna vaccines are being installed. At the same time, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved in Great Britain.

Chinese health experts demand ban on use

On the other hand, health experts in China have asked Norway and other countries to stop the mRNA-based Kovid-19 vaccine, which is being manufactured by companies like Pfizer. A cow from the Chinese immunologist said that the mRNA vaccine was made in a hurry and was not even used extensively to prevent disease. The safety of the vaccine has not been confirmed on a large scale.

Death can cause side effects

Experts have said that after so many deaths in Norway, it has been proved that the mRNA-based Kovid-19 vaccine is not as effective as was expected. As of Thursday, 23 vaccine-related deaths have been reported in Norway. The news agency has said, “So far 13 dead have been investigated. The serious condition of these elderly people can also be a side effect due to the vaccine. All the deaths have been from weak and elderly people living in nursing homes. Some were over 80 years old and some were over 90 years old.


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