ENG101 Assignment No 01 Solution Spring 2019

English Comprehension (Eng101)


(a) What is the main idea of the given extract?

A. Character of Macbeth.

B. Hecate rebuked sisters for meddling with Macbeth without consulting her.

C. Thinking of Macbeth that he is greater than fate.

D. Macbeth mocking death.

(b) ‘And what’s worse, you’ve done all this for a man who behaves like a spoiled brat, angry and hateful?’ Who do you think is being called ‘a spoiled brat’ in this line?

A. Hecate

B. Macbeth (Ans)

C. Witches

D. Death

(c) Which of the following was Hecate’s advice?

A. Macbeth is above wisdom

B. Macbeth will be fooled

C. Macbeth is greater than fate

D. Overconfidence is man’s greatest enemy (Ans)

(d) Macbeth behaved like a _______.

A. spoiled brat (Ans)

B. nobel king

C. wise scholar

D. kind worrier

(e) The three witches noticed that Hecate was looking ________.

A. angry (Ans)

B. sad

C. happy

D. agonized

Q2. Here is a randomized list of slang words and colloquial expressions. Identify these words as slang or colloquial expressions and write them under their respective categories in the given table. You are required to provide only FIVE words for each category.                                                                                                                     (5+5=10 Marks)


Sr. No Slang Words Colloquial Expressions
1 Tosser Yonder
2 Gawp Bamboozle
3 Blinkered Hoity toity
4 Loopy Pound of flesh
5 Pissed Ruckus
6 Pukka Conniption
7 Do-Lally Saucy pedantic wretch
8 Crikey fo reals brah
9 Pound of flesh  
10 In a pickle  
11 Blimey  
12 That’s fire  
13 Stag night  


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