Mkt501 Assignment 1 Solution -2019

Scenario: „KIA motors‟ is a well-known automobile manufacturing company in the world. Recently KIA
has re-launched its vehicles in Pakistan after a long time. Two models have been launched and a few
more are in queue to be launched soon. However in the international market the company is offering
around 10 models. One of the two models launched in Pakistan in 2018 is a 3342 cc Kia Grand Carnival
which comes under SUV/MPV category. It is full of modern day features and a huge plus point is its
reasonable price. Kia Grand Carnival starts from PKR 4899000 and goes up to almost 6 million when all
the additional features are added to it. Its price is way lower than the competitors in the market including
Toyota Land Cruiser, Prado, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, Toyota Fortuner etc. Thus for a specific
segment of high cc larger vehicle market, their price is reasonably affordable and attractive. The
speculation about the prices of their upcoming models KIA Sportage (1999 cc) and KIA Picanto (998 cc)
is also very positive as it is expected that their prices will also be very reasonable and will challenge the
current market (competitors), when launched. In addition to that the company is improving its distribution
network and opening its showrooms in major cities of Pakistan as well as adding in the service centers.
Along with improving company’s distribution the company is also active on various social media
platforms for its products‟ promotion.
Requirements: 1. Go to KIA Motor‟s official website (; extract and
list down their product line in international market (global lineup) and Pakistani market (local lineup).
(Simply list down the model names (at least 8 from global lineup and 2 from local lineup), no explanation
required) (3 marks)

  1. List down some of the product features of KIA Grand Carnival offered in Pakistan (provide features
    from the official website). Mention at least 20 features in points, no explanation required. (Hint: There are
    almost 40 key features of KIA Grand Carnival provided in the website (4 marks)
  2. List down 7 social media promotional tools used by KIA (provided in the official website (2 marks)
  3. What is the tag line/slogan of KIA that they are using in Pakistani market? (1 mark)
    Question 1…….
    Answer ;
    List of KIA moters in international line up
  4. KIA Soul
  5. KIA Niro
  6. KIA Sportage
  7. KIA Sorento
  8. KIA Telluride
  9. KIA Sedona
  10. KIA Rio

List of KIA moters in Pakistan line up

  1. KIA Sportage
  2. KIA Carnival
    Question 2 ;……
  3. Power sliding door
  4. Positioning lamp
  5. Fog lamp
  6. Aerodynamic lines
  7. Rear spoiler
  8. LED side repeaters and auto folding mirrors
  9. Shark fin antenna
  10. Outside door handle
  11. Rear bumper / skid plate
  12. Radiator grill/ grill type front bumper
  13. A supremely elegant and spacious cockpit
  14. Optimized driver controls
  15. Steering wheel remote controls
  16. Posh button start
  17. Aux and USB
  18. 3.5 mono TFT cluster
  19. Dual sunroof
  20. Full auto air-conditioning with independent 3- zone control
    Question 3:……..
    List down 7 social media promotional tools used by KIA
  21. KIA Facebook
  22. KIA Instagram.
  23. KIA Flickr
  24. KIA Google+
  25. KIA Buzz
  26. KIA Twitter
  27. KIA Youtube
    Question no 4:……


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