FIN722 – Corporate Finance

Final syllabus

Final-term Syllabus of FIN722.pdf
127.1 KBpdfAug 03, 2018
 Exam Wrapper-Final.pdfExam Wrapper final112.1 KBpdfAug 03, 2018
 Mid term syllabus and Exam Wrapper.zipUpdated218.75 KBzipJun 11, 2018
 Video Clips lecture 40 Derivative Contracts.zipIntroduction to derivative contracts17236.61 KBzipFeb 15, 2018
 Practice questions lectures 3 to 9.pdfNon-Graded questions for practice125.88 KBpdfOct 26, 2017
 Solution of Practice Questions from Lectures 3 to 9.pdfSolution of non-graded questions106.17 KBpdfNov 18, 2016
 Summarizing a Research Article.pdfHow to Write a summary review92.12 KBpdfFeb 02, 2016
 Financial Tables.zipFinancial Tables42.47 KBzipNov 05, 2014


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