Lets Build a hope for Coronavirus Patient’s Across the Globe and tell them ”where there is hope there is life”. It will fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”

Today’s before writing and analysis facts and figure regarding deaths and effective

patient’s across globe once i think about it i start weeping from my soul and heart even right now i am writing this article for effective Patient families ,brother’s,sister,s children’s and all of you with my broken heart and my tear’s for my lovely world lovely people weather they are from different countries or any other religious i always crying for all of you for the best hope my love ones.

If we look back in history our world have faces very serious threads from nature(earthquake, Yellow River flood , Tangshan earthquake)and many other’s or in form of War’s and many thing we have seen,just analysis and think about it but after some years we had recovered Together right ? than” just relax everything will fine very very soon”

how many people died every year due to hunger ?how many people are die due to cancer ?how many people died due to many other health issue’s but no one cares ?but these issue’s not influences?whats the reason ?i think we are recovering from everything thanks to Allah (GOD),but if we are taking about Coronavirus so Big companies are researching on different devices and cure for coronavirus so just relax and make chill ,doctor’s and companies around globe are working on these issues and they are in testing and development phases and i am very hope so we will get cure for sure very very soon so just relax and spread hope around your family friends and love ones .the only thing we all need to eat healthy food we need to take rest and do something physical exercise so our immune system got stronger more in order to defend these type of viruses ,you know i am from Pakistan last time i visited in my Teacher’s home she taught me chemistry in my Matric (10 Class) and Dr Ambreen is Gold Medalist in Pharmacist From hamdard University and she can analysis about Medicine’s Production.

i spoke with her that their is no cure for coronavirus ?how its possible ?so she just guides me technically that if you ill for 21 days if you have minor (illness) temperature of 102 but if you do not take medicine so you will died so same in the case coronavirus is not much dangerous as whole world TV media and social media have created Panic around Globe we have only one problem is that we have not cure for that and we need to improve our immune system of body plus scientist’s are working for cure and they will find it very very soon so just relax and take coffee of tea watch Tv and enjoy your life . what happens in the world we will fight together we will live together and have peace ,right now whole world is shutdown due to coronavirus but my Heart says that everything will recover very soon adn we will shutdown and kill this cronovirus soon ,we will See children’s again in school’s universities and in parks as well,we will see our People working together in companies and businesses ,our Road’s and communities will rise again Our Religious Places will open again and everyone will pray again together without any fear .

if your have some problem with anyone around you with family friends or anyone ?than just forgive them and forget everything huge them with tears and spread hope and love together .tell them after this coronavirus we will meet together again and we will drink and food too.

but right now please avoid from any type of drugs because these drugs just weak’s your immune system of your body and in that way its chance to get effective but do not worry just stay at home eat fruits ,vegetables ,and connect with nature take healthy fresh air do physical exercise and sleep for 8 hour’s a day the most important thing is that make physical distance with people and never allow anyone person out of home to come at your home for now.

if you love my conversation than tell me about your local situation in comments whats going on but just relax relax and relax .

Have a blessed day to all Of you Guys


Adnan Aftab


we are internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. we known for co-founding Vulms.org and many others

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