Overall 172,516 Patient’s Are Recovered / Discharged in Globe From Coronavirus (81% Recovery)

As we know that whole world is facing very serious Emergency (coronavirus ). in different countries we have seen many people Died due to coronvirus ,the most effective country is italy where 11,591 deaths recorded .

But in USA Patient’s Are increasing day by day todays over all 165,392 cases are recorded and total 3,182 death’s. right now we are just talking about Overall Recovered cases as well and we are very hope so world will get rid of this coronavirus ,again roads will open,parks will open universities and schools will open in the world Again,no one wanted to lose their love ones but we have seen many people lost their families ,son,daughter’s wife and many more .i just pray to God that please help everyone to get rid from this viruses .

We just want everything back in this world May God Help us Protect Us Just say Ameen.


we are internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. we known for co-founding Vulms.org and many others

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