Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Makes a Bold Suggestion to Improve Spectacle for F1 Fans


After sport, Formula One is also a form of entertainment, so spectacle is really important. It is clear that Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff understands that as well. This is why he came up with an idea to make the sport more entertaining for the fans.

His suggestions come on the back of a lukewarm race in Belgium, that Lewis Hamilton dominated. The ease at which he is winning races, has disappointed a few fans due to the lack of excitement.

According to the Austrian, while it may have seemed ‘boring’ to some, there was a lot more drama in the Mercedes camp. Apparently, the team was beside itself with concerns about reliability and other potential issues.

What did the Mercedes team boss suggest?

He believes that if fans could listen in on intra-team discussions without the driver, it could give them some new insight. Wolff told, “I understand what the fans say. There are some races which are not very entertaining, and then there are others which are the contrary.”


The Mercedes team insists that contrary to popular belief, they do not operate with a mindset that the title is in the bag. Instead, there is a lot more drama behind the curtains. According to Wolff, if fans can get access to all the internal workings of a team, they can really follow the action.

He even spoke about the upcoming races at Mugello, Nurburgring, Portimao, Imola and Turkey. The Mercedes team principal acknowledged the addition of the second Bahrain race on the short outer circuit.

“I think Mugello is an unbelievable race track that I know from my time [as a driver],” he said. “And it will be very exciting to see F1 cars there. I’m looking forward to going to Portimao, up and down. Again, a very entertaining place, could be a very entertaining place.

“And then coming back to the iconic Imola too. And then Turkey, and Bahrain. A lot of changes coming towards us, and I hope that they will increase the entertainment factor.”


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