Taking help from VU’s MGT101 Financial Accounting Handouts PDF

If you study at Virtual University, then you will need a lot of help to study the subjects. Subjects like Financial Accounting need special care. These are not theoretical subjects, so you need to learn them properly. One of the best ways to learn and study Financial Accounting is through the handouts. The mgt101 handouts pdf provide all the necessary material that you need to pass the exam.


Financial Accounting made easy

The best way to study financial accounting is through the mgt101 handouts pdf. These handouts are extremely helpful. These handouts cover all the major topics that you need for the exam study. The best part is that these handouts will not only help you pass the exam but give you a better understanding of financial accounting. It is why you should download these mgt101 handouts pdf.


Easy to understand handouts

These handouts will cover all the topics related to the Basic Concepts of Accounting. These handouts cover the topics related to Record Keeping and Some Basic Concepts. These handouts also cover topics related to Systems of Accounting and Some Basic Terminologies.

Learning entries both single and double is not easy. But when you use the handouts, you will find that everything is easy. The handouts have everything in detail. These handouts are like teachers. These are easy to read and understand. The examples in these handouts are also very easy. You can understand and relate these examples in your daily life which makes understanding of the topic.

The best part is that these handouts are available in PDF format. You can easily view these handouts on your mobile devices and Tabs. You can print these handouts and read them. These are free to download, and you will not need to pay money for these handouts. These handouts have all the topics covered which relate to financial accounting. So, if you are taking financial accounting, then you need these handouts. It is only with these handouts that you will have a chance to get high grades in the exam.


These mgt101 handouts pdf handouts also cover the following topics:


  • Single and Double Entry Record Keeping
  • Classification of Account
  • Flow of Transactions
  • Basic Books of Accounts
  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Exercises: Recording of Transactions
  • Accounting Equation
  • Vouchers and Posting to Ledger Accounts
  • Posting to Ledgers & Recording of Stock
  • Cost of Goods Sold Statement & Valuation of Stock
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Methods of Charging Depreciation
  • Depreciation on Purchase and Disposal of Fixed Assets
  • Debtors, Creditors, Accruals, and Provision for Bad Debts
  • Provision for Bad Debts and Control Accounts
  • Control Accounts (Contd.)
  • Rectification of Errors
  • Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Types of Business Entities
  • Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship
  • Financial Statements of Manufacturing Concern
  • Financial Statements of Partnership
  • Mark Up on Capital and Drawings
  • Introduction to Companies
  • Components of Financial Statements
  • Financial Statements of Limited Companies
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Financial Statements of Listed/Quoted Companies
  • Financial Statements of Listed Companies & Financial Ratios







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