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Virtual University offers various courses for its students; one of those courses is Financial Accounting. It is one of the basic courses for accounting. It is a basic course, but it has an outline which covers the most complex terms and methods of accounting. It is why; to make sure that you pass the exam you should take help from the handouts. Besides the video lectures that the VU offers you should also take help from the mgt101 handouts. These handouts are the best source of content for passing the exam with good grades.

The Handouts

You will need to prepare Single and Double Entry Record Keeping. These handouts elaborate on this topic well. The VU also has topics such as Classification of Account, Flow of Transactions, and Basic Books of Accounts in their course outline. These mgt101 handouts cover these topics with examples.

If you are looking for understanding the Financial Statements, Accounting Equation, and the Vouchers and Posting to Ledger Accounts, you should get help from these mgt101 handouts. These handouts are also a great way to understand Posting to Ledgers & Recording of Stock, Cost of Goods Sold Statement & Valuation of Stock and also depreciation concepts. These are some of the best handouts that are self-explanatory. Once you read the handouts, you will understand each topic to its basic level.

No matter you need to learn Fixed Assets and Depreciation or the various Methods of Charging Depreciation. You may want to get a better understanding of Depreciation on Purchase and Disposal of Fixed Assets. No matter what you need to know, these handouts have it all.

When you see the course outline by the Virtual University, and you compare it with these mgt101 handouts, you will know that these handouts are a perfect match. These have every topic in them which you need to get through the exam.

A few more topics

A few other topics that these handouts cover are as follows.


  • Control Accounts
  • Debtors
  • Introduction to Companies
  • Creditors
  • Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship
  • Accruals
  • Provision for Bad Debts and Control Accounts
  • Rectification of Errors
  • Types of Business Entities
  • Financial Statements of Listed/Quoted Companies
  • Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Financial Statements of Partnership
  • Mark Up on Capital and Drawings
  • Financial Statements of Manufacturing Concern
  • Components of Financial Statements
  • And a lot more topics.

Taking help from these handouts for financial accounting is necessary. You can easily download these handouts and start learning the basics of accounting. No matter you want to learn Financial Statements of Limited Companies or the basics of the Cash Flow Statements, you can do it easily with these handouts.

If you wish to get good grades for MGT101 course of Virtual University, you should get these handouts. These are easy to read and understand handouts. Together with the video lectures, you can have the best preparation for Financial Accounting. Make sure that you download these handouts and start preparing.  These handouts cover all 45 lectures of the VU.


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