MGT201 – Financial Management

IRR calculations through Interpolation
IRR calculations through interpolation.pptx
363.96 KBpptxMay 31, 2017
 payback_period.docThis document will help the student to understand the calculations of pay back capital budgeting technique33.5 KBdocNov 11, 2016
 MGT201 – Financial Management hand outs.rarHandouts1660.16 KBrarOct 03, 2016
 How to calculate the IRR by help of MS Excel.xlsxHow to calculate IRR with the help of MS Excel12.42 KBxlsxNov 22, 2012
 IRR calculation.docIRR calcualtion by using Quadratic Equation29.5 KBdocJan 18, 2012


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