MGT620 – Final Project-Management

Project Presentation Template
Project Presentation template.ppt
75 KBpptOct 11, 2017
 Hand Book MGT620.pdfHand Book MGT620664.39 KBpdfOct 11, 2017
 How to enter data.pdfData entry format.69.13 KBpdfJan 07, 2014
 Dos and Donts for Skype Usage.pdfGuidelines for skype usage.6.36 KBpdfJan 02, 2014
 List of Topics Previously Worked on.pdfList of Topics7 KBpdfNov 06, 2012
 Common Errors_MGT620.pdfCommon Errors observed in Proposal310.21 KBpdfOct 25, 2010
 Letter of Undertaking.pdfLetter of Undertaking13.65 KBpdfDec 19, 2009
 Designing Data Collection Forms-Questionnaires.pdfDesigning Data Collection Forms/Questionnaires1470.39 KBpdfDec 04, 2009
 How_to_ask_questions_through_questionaire.pdfHow to ask questions through questionaire?185 KBpdfDec 04, 2009
 Plagiarism_Sensitisation_Document[1].pdfPlagiarism_Sensitisation_Document148.55 KBpdfNov 23, 2009


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