MKT721 – Advertising & Promotion

Role of Advertising and Promotion in Brand Equity Creation
Role of Advertising and Promotion in Brand Equity Creation.pdf
389.41 KBpdfNov 15, 2019
 module pack 2.rarModule pack contains helping material regarding related topics1522.04 KBrarApr 28, 2016
 module pack 1.zipThis module pack 1 contains very useful reading material regarding course7333.62 KBzipApr 21, 2016
 Advertising Research Article.pdfHumor and Cultural Values in Print Advertising: Research article148.26 KBpdfJul 14, 2015
 Summarizing a Research Article.pdfNo134.17 KBpdfDec 23, 2013
 Writing a critical review.pdfWriting a critical review66.19 KBpdfNov 22, 2013
 Writing a Critical Book Review.pdfGuidelines for writing Book Review571.27 KBpdfNov 08, 2013
 guidelines_review_article.pdfGuidelines to review article760.54 KBpdfNov 08, 2013


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