MKT711 – Marketing Research

Mid term Syllabus
Mid term Syllabus.pdf
150.88 KBpdfNov 13, 2019
 primary scales of measurement.pdfPrimary scales of measurement33.03 KBpdfMay 24, 2019
 New Coke A Classic brand failure.pdfNew Coke: A Classic Brand Failure332.7 KBpdfMay 10, 2019
 Lectures PPTs of MKT711.rarMKT711 Lecture PPTs_complete lessons3056.62 KBrarFeb 04, 2019
 Scholarly Research in Marketing Exploring the 4 Eras.pdfAssignment no.01, Fall 2017299.03 KBpdfNov 14, 2017
 zikmund_sw07_exp.mkt.resch.9e_(password_downloadslide)9.pdfRecommended Book for Marketing Research21792.98 KBpdfFeb 03, 2016
 APA Style_guide.pdfA guide to APA citation style166.9 KBpdfNov 09, 2015
 Statistical tables.zipStatistical tables304.33 KBzipAug 19, 2015
 guidelines_review_article.pdfGuidelines_review_article760.54 KBpdfFeb 17, 2015
 Conducting Market Research Using Primary Data.pdfConducting Market Research Using Primary Data by Kynda R. Curtis, Ph.D187.92 KBpdfJan 17, 2014
 Outlining Your Literature Review.pdfOutlining Your Literature Review497.05 KBpdfDec 05, 2013
 questionnaire desgin.pdfTeaching applied value of marketing research: A questionnaire design project127.66 KBpdfNov 29, 2013
 How to Summarize a Research Article.pdfHow to Summarize a Research Article32.45 KBpdfNov 05, 2013
 WRITING A LITERATURE REVIEW.pdfA guide to Writing Literature Review15.65 KBpdfJun 17, 2013
 Writing a Critical review.pdfComplete guidelines on “How to write a critical review”.67.77 KBpdfMay 06, 2013
 SPSS Manual.pdfSPSS Manual (SPSS reading material for students)3490.49 KBpdfApr 19, 2013


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