MKT731 – Consumer Behaviour

Article for GDB 2

GDB 2.pdf
302.93 KBpdfNov 21, 2019
 M 2.pdfArticle for 2nd module160.45 KBpdfJul 29, 2019
 Course Outline – Spring 2019.pdfCourse Outline180.01 KBpdfMay 02, 2019
 M 1.pdfArticle for Module 1273.45 KBpdfApr 17, 2019
 A study guide for students.pdfA study guide for MS students Spring 201728.37 KBpdfApr 10, 2017
 PPts mkt530.rarThe Video lecture PPTs10630 KBrarMay 24, 2016
 EXAMS WRAPPER mkt731.pdfExams Wrapper59.17 KBpdfMay 18, 2016
 How to Summarize a Research Article.pdfHow to Summarize a Research Article Research32.45 KBpdfNov 17, 2015
 guidelines_review_article.pdfA complete guide how to write an artilce review760.54 KBpdfNov 17, 2015
 Research Guilde.pdfResearch Guilde363.78 KBpdfNov 17, 2015
 TeamViewer Meeting client side.pdfThe manual for the configuration of team viewer application (TeamViewer Meeting client side)312.07 KBpdfNov 17, 2015
 Plagiarism_Sensitisation_Document[1].pdfPlagiarism Sensitisation Document , a must read for MS students before attempting any graded activity.148.55 KBpdfNov 17, 2015
 Mining Marketing Knowledge to Explore.pdf“Mining Marketing Knowledge to Explore Social Network Sites and Online Purchase Behaviors2030.69 KBpdfNov 17, 2015


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