Prince Chalres (age 71) Tested Positive of COVID 19

Last weekend Prince Charles developed mild symptoms, he found the victim of Coronavirus. His health is in good condition.

Novel CoronaVirus is crossing all barriers and spreading like air all around the globe. The deadly disease is not caring about the country, region, age and designation of a person. It is spreading from east to west and north to south with the speed of a light. Whole world is shutting and locking down but still people are getting caught by covid 19.

Prince Charles is in good health condition

Here we have sad news from the royal family of the United Kingdom. Prince Charles the son of queen Elizabeth ll is also a victim of COVID 19. Prince Charles is 71 years old and recently diagnosed with coronavirus. The good news is that his health is good. Doctores believes that he has mild symptoms which may not get critical. According to the sources he self isolates in Scotland. According to the clearance house his wife Camilla the duchess of cornwall is yet the virus free is staying with him.
According to his spokesman, in the last few weeks The Prince of Wales had a huge number of meetings. It is hard to tell that from where he caught the virus. According to the studies of COVID 19,Prince Charles age (71) falls in the high risk category. Clearance hose said the Prince of Wales is in good condition and has been working from home.

Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles’ wife Camilla tested negative.

72 years old Camilla the Duchess of COrnwall is also self isolating herself though she tested negative. She is also there in 53000 acre Birkhall Scotland. They both are living apart In the same residence and are not breaking the rules of self isolation.

Queen Elizabith II is in quarantine

Queen Elizabeth ll is also in quarantine for the past few days. According to the sources her health condition is completely fine. She moved to quarantine from Buckingham palace as a precautionary measure. There is a heavy flow of visitors in the palace and due to the outbreak of COVID 19 in the UK it could harm the health of the queen. This safety move will definitely keep the deadly virus away from the queen.
According to the public health authorities there are 2077 cases in the United Kingdom. 1427 new cases and 422 deaths. From England there are 6843 cases. Scotland 584 cases, from Wales 478 cases and from NI 172 cases. (this data is from public health England at 12:30 PM GMT 25th March 2020).
We hope That this panadamic may end soon. We wish that every victim of this deadly disease will become a survivor. We wish speedy recovery to Prince Charles and everyone from all around the world may recover soon.


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