Strangers at St. Vincent De Paul Organized Funeral of Arpad Kiss, an 82 Year Old Man Died On The Streets Of Darwin

The funeral was attended by dozen of stranger people and whom he met so briefly at his last time. It was a small and simple funeral. The people who attended the funeral said it was a deeply moving experience, going to a funeral they had never met.

Through the resources, we have known that Arpad Kiss walked into the street Vincent de Paul in a charity store and he asked people volunteering there to call an ambulance for him. Some charity staff members gave him first aid and came to know that he was seriously unwell. They did all that they could do for someone’s help. They kept the old man company beneath the shade of a tree. But after a few moments, he died.

According to the manager of St. Vincent de Paul said Fay Gur ” This left a huge impression on me and my volunteers, to hear that story that he came to Vinnies because he knew that we will help”.

The charity workers become more curious and compelled to know more about the stranger so they can help further. And from medical records and conversations with medical staff, they come to know the name of an 82-year-old man – Arpad Kiss.

Ms. Gur said, ” It is a Hungarian name and he was also catholic. He was in the territory for quite a few years”.

She also included that “he was not homeless only at the time that he came to us, but he had a period of homelessness. He had medical issues and illness from so long”.

Old Man Died Alone

Charity staff did their best to find his any relative or friend but they were unable to identify any next of kin. So after all that when they failed to identify any of his family members or friends that cleared that the old man died alone.

Ms. Gur said, “That’s all we found out about him, not so much but enough.”

Ms. Gur felt a connection and she decided that his passing will not be unacknowledged. He may be a stranger but his life mattered. This is the way everyone should think.

“He Went With Full Honors”

Ms. Gur filed the paperwork to provide Arpard Kiss a funeral service and cremation. This is an act of charity that moves many of the strangers and charity staff into tears.

An inviting e-mail was sent to people on Dec 31, 2020, the day when Mr. Arpard Kiss would have turned 83.

Everyone who came to Mr. Kiss’s funeral felt a connection that they are attending the funeral of a man they have never met. Even Ms. Gur said I don’t know what to say because I am going to the funeral of a man I never met and no connection with at all.

I asked who are present, to imagine their funeral and what they will like people will say about them and how it affects that how we live now.

It was a beautiful example of love, affection, and care for everyone.


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