Make Your Date Sheet through VU LMS

The VU LMS is a great interactive place where you can find all kinds of information about your subject, course work, assignments and much more. One of the best features that you will have on the VULMS is the ability to create your VULMS date sheet. It is an interactive feature which makes it easy for you to choose the dates and time of the exam. It is a versatile and flexible option which the students have. You can use the VULMS to create the date sheet for both midterm and the final term exams.

Create your date sheet

The VU offers its students ease of use. No matter what feature of the website you use, whether it is the LMS, the VU Ning or the date-sheet creation web page, all these are intuitive.

First, you need to log in using your VULMS ID on the web address, i.e., Once you log in successfully you will see that there are two options, i.e., create date sheet and change the city. If you wish to change the city, you can select it and choose your city. Then click on the create date sheet button.

Now you will see that there is a huge list of exam centers in that city. You need to select one exam center based on your location. Confirm after selecting the center. It will then display a popup message with the exam center name and location. After that, the website will display all the subjects that you are currently studying in that semester. Now you need to select the time from the available time slots and confirm for each subject.

You should know that once you create a date sheet, you cannot change it. It is a flexible option and very handy for the students, but do not make any mistake while creating the date sheet. Also, choose the city and the exam center carefully. You cannot make changes to these two.

The benefits

The process of creating the date sheet is very easy. You do not need a lot of computer expertise to create the date sheet. Virtual University offers a lot of flexibility. Not many universities offer this feature where the students can create their VULMS date sheet of exams.

This process has many advantages. The first is peace of mind. The students can select any date from the available slots. They can choose to take all the exams every day without any holiday to finish early, or they can choose to create a VULMS date sheet which has several holidays between the exams for better preparation.

This method also saves time. Once you create the date sheet, you can print it directly. You do not have to wait for the university to send you the VULMS Date sheet that you create. You can print the date sheet, or you can email it to the official email that you use to sign up on the VU’s website. VU offers ease of use and flexibility for its students.


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