VULMS – Virtual University’s Learning Management System

The virtual university offers its students a lot of help via various websites. You can get access to  the VU LMS, i.e., VU Learning Management System. The VU LMS is an online platform which helps the VU’s students to manage their time and educational experiences. It offers an array of features which are very helpful for the students to gather all the information they need while they are studying in the university. The students can access the LMS through the VULMS login. The students have access to the following features using the VU LMS.

  • It allows the students to maintain and update their personal information
  • The students also get important news and announcements from the university
  • The students can maintain an online personal diary
  • They can also maintain online notes
  • Each student can get access to his or her lecture schedule through this online portal
  • The students can read lecture notes or handouts online on this VULMS platform
  • The students can also download assignments
  • The students can also submit their assignment solutions for grading
  • The platform also has an option to chat or talk with the tutors. The students can ask questions from their tutors
  • It also allows the students to participate in class discussions
  • The students monitor academic progress
  • This platform also offers the facility to download fee vouchers and also vide the current fee status
  • There are also a few extra facilities such as a request for a new ID card if you lose one.

Using the VU LMS

Using VULMS is easy. All you need is a web browser and a good internet connection along with the VULMS login. You can use your student ID and password to login to VULMS. Once you log in, the browser will take you to your VULMS profile.

Asking questions

Once you perform the VULMS Login, you can ask questions or read the answers and discussions. One of the best features that the VU LMS has is the MDB, i.e., the Moderated Discussion Board. You can ask relevant questions related to your subjects. To discuss a subject, you should first learn the subject. You can do this by reading the handouts and then listen to the video lectures. You should then prepare your notes which you can manage on this platform. The LMS has relevant ages and sections where you can find handouts and recommended books and also a few internet links which are helpful for that particular subject. Once you have the notes, you can also write down the questions that you want to ask. You can discuss and also share ideas on the discussion board.

You should know that whatever you discuss or ask on this platform will stay there for a long time. The MDB is available throughout the semester. You can read or get answers whenever you want. It is of great help in preparing the final exams. All you need is the VULMS login.


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3 thoughts on “VULMS – Virtual University’s Learning Management System

  • April 16, 2019 at 8:36 am

    dear sir ,
    i have not chosen my subjects yet but vulms is not responding at is a very critical condition for me . pleasetell me solution of this problem.i, will very thankful to you.

    • April 17, 2019 at 12:05 pm

      Numan Aslam virtual university will give you response wait for it


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